Headaches and Brainaches

I managed to somehow slip and bang my head last Saturday, knocking myself unconscious briefly, and then waking in a slight daze but otherwise unscathed.

Or so I thought.

Here it is a week later, and I’m still feeling unfocused and fatigued. My doctor looked and said it didn’t seem anything to be concerned about, but I went to the ER anyhow to check that my mind isn’t frayed – but had to leave early as I hadn’t anticipated an extended stay. (Wishful thinking in New York!) The doctor’s recommendation there was for blood work, a lumbar puncture, and a CT scan. All of which I left before having performed.

So now I’m ruminating – headache firmly installed, sleepy, wondering how much damage, exactly, I did do, and worried it’s getting worse. And thinking: do I go back to the ER tonight, or wait it out until Sunday.

In the meantime, visions of a debiliated, hobbled amd invade my mind, and I worry that the culmination of my years thus far have been squashed by this one incidient. Or hampered in a permanent way.

I’m a ball of anxiety.

Perhaps the ER it is – but it’s the weekend. I want to relax.

Or is relaxing a mistake – am I forgoing a needed check for one or two nights inside on the couch? Will this one weekend of not following up on the head rattling mean several more of pain in the future?


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