C(an)T Scan

I went to the emergency room last night for a CT scan, and it came back negative.  Which is good, although it doesn’t help me feel any better right now.  The doctor observing me said I have what’s called post-concussive syndrome, which is short for “well, you’ll feel like shit but we don’t know for how long.”  Wonderful.

I do know that I feel sore in every area of my body; my head is aching (here comes the Vicodin); my mind isn’t clear; and I haven’t been to the gym in a week.  It’s really horrible to not have anything specific to point to, but to know the cause.  And it rather freaks me out, the picture of my brain rocking in its cradle, who knows how many neurons knocked out of place.  Am I even the same person afterward?  Given my mental rigidity, I’m thinking no.  Even my teeth hurt.

I feel the panic coming on.  Need to go home and rest.


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