FTR 20061229

It’s been a busy week – left for California last Wednesday, and here’s a quick update on what’s gone down since then:


  • Direct flight from Newark to SFO, arrived around 9 p.m. Dad picked me up at the airport, and we chatted on the way home about life and family.
  • Stopped in at In-N-Out for a Double-Double with fries and a chocolate shake. Hey, I only get to splurg once a year!
  • Once to my Dad’s house, watched “The Day After” (an 80’s nuclear doomsday flick on ABC), and crashed upstairs in the spare bedroom.


  • Rose early, did the local crossword puzzle, and had Dad drive me to the DMV to apply for a replacement license.
  • Had Starbucks with Dad, and a chat about politics.
  • From there went to the Hertz and nailed down a Mazda 6, fully insured (you’d understand if you knew my driving record).
  • Visited Best Buy to get Christmas presents: XBox 360 for Jake and family.
  • Then it was off to Willits, and a quiet, sleepy night at home.


  • Had an early rise, chats with Mom, and then more shopping.  But not before dropping by Safeway and catching up with Denise, Sonya, Dale, Sarah, Dina, Theresa, and even Mona!
  • More shopping: record time at Wal-Mart (boo!) and Staples.  Hey, there aren’t many options, dammit.
  • And then Christmas came early.  So much fun, so many gifts, so much … wrapping paper!  Did I mention how adorable my niece and nephews are?


  • Lunch with Denise and Sonya, in the Safeway break room no less.
  • Dropped by Jim’s house, visited with him, Trevor, Gracie, and Sarah.  She looked especially good.
  • Lunch with Gracie, et al., at the Loose Caboose.
  • NPR radio puzzles with Will Shortz.  O.K., I admit, it’s just a book of reprints, but I love word play.
  • Finally, a quiet night at my parents’, watching “The Devil Wears Prada” with Mom


  • And I was off to the East Bay!  But first needed to lose $350 at an Indian casino.  Bad news, those places.  (Odds?  What odds?)  But my grandma, Mom, and Melissa enjoyed it, I think.  (I admit: it was fun, if hurtful to the pocketbook.  Note to self: avoid those $5 slots.)
  • Watched “Four Brothers” with Joe and hit the sack.

Monday – Christmas Day

  • Nothing like spending Christmas in a cramped bulkhead aboard a decrepit American Airlines Boeing, with a $5 snack box and a snooty stewardass.  (“Flight attendant” my ass.)
  • It was good to be home.  Very late.  But home.


  • Back to work (which felt good – my brain needed a boost), and a surprise: Erin’s in town, and needs a place to crash.  My sister is visiting!  Sweet.
  • Later it’s a quick gym workout, dinner at Zucchero e Pomodori, coffee at DTUT, and some friendly back-and-forth on the Middle East.


  • A mellow day at work.  Introduced Erin to the team, and then headed to DTUT after close of business to hang with Jeff and solve the Wednesday Times puzzle.
  • Katrina calls!  She’s coming into town tomorrow!
  • A stop at some random UES bar and “How to Play Pool 101” with Professor Bell.  So that’s how you nail those bank shots.
  • A couple West Wing episodes, and sleep.


  • Standard work day — a quiet week indeed — and then a much-needed run on the treadmill.
  • Dinner with Katrina (in my sweats no less) at Canyon Road.
  • A drink at Trash, introducing Katrina to the gang — Jeff was there too — and then a quit stopby at Mo’s for a second drink with my two Polish neighbors, Anna and Alexandrea.
  • Ta-ta, Katrina, and falling into bed, exhausted, around 2 a.m.


  • Fuck you and your 12 balls!
  • This week has been incredibly slow.  That holiday (read: relaxing) vibe is in the air.
  • Bully’s for lunch and a read through the Times and a stack of magazines.  Surprise: The Economist raised its prises.  Six bucks now.
  • Kerriann is around, and might be hanging out with her tonight.  But right now, time to publish this post and close the book on the pre-2007 day-to-day.

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  1. Inuit says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Inuit.

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