Read It!

December 6, 2006

I’m often frustrated when I send email to someone only to have him either (i) ignore portions of it completely (which is often a symptom of what I call the trigger-happy reply, in which a user hits the reply button before even finishing the email); or (ii) respond with a message indicating that person didn’t carefully enough read what I wrote.

Folks. Slow down. Read your emails. Read them in full.  Understand what’s being said. Then reply. Scratch that: Read in full, understand, and then reply. (Or use the reply to ask for clarification if understanding is elusive.)

And for goodness sake, try to use correct grammar!  No ugly shorthand and bastardized punctuation (“how r u 2day???!?!?!?”), at the least.  I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I try (and correct mistakes when I discover them).  And this isn’t a complaint about typos: typos happen.  This is a call for folks to write in a way an educated, literate professional would communicate, that is, by being conscious as much as you can about the spelling and grammar in your dispatches.